Monday, July 1, 2013

Stay Calm - It's Just A Flash Flood!

These are just some of the headlines that have swept the nation for our area here in PA. I have to tell you, I've never seen anything like this in my life. The first flood that ran through my backyard...

Literally gave me a real understanding of what exactly "Flash Flood" means. It happened in a matter of an hour!

In A Flash!!

In a race to our barn, we rescued all of our animals, only losing 7 or so chickens. That's pretty good out of an entire barn. It was devastating though, and unlike anything I've ever experienced in my life. 

The entire ordeal was exhausting!

The next day, between clouds and rain we started cleaning and recuperating. After moving our animals to the upper level of our barn and getting them tucked away we could relax before going for a ride to see the extent of the damage.

More devastation...

The water has gone down, but you can see how high it was from the wetness on the wood. 
(You can view all flood pictures on my FB Page - BK Walker Books)

Never did I think that another rain would cause it to flood again, but it did. This time, the only thing that we lost was our trampoline, but our driveway is almost gone from the creek washing away our banks. So pretty soon, we won't even be able to drive up to our own house. 

Roadways were washed away and landslides caused more roads to be shut down. People were stranded and unable to leave or get back to their homes.

One life lost was sad to know about, but he was finally found from the first flood.

They are calling for more rain and I may just get washed away completely, but for now...

Animals are still safe and sound and thank God they were still in the upper level. Our goats and Maggie (cow) don't like sharing a room with the pigs, but for now they will just have to live with it. We are still safe as well and just waiting for this to be over. 

Are you suffering from the excessive rains where you live?


  1. I'm so glad you are safe and that you were able to save most of the animals. My thoughts are with you, hoping it will dry out.

    1. Thanks Teddy. I hope it dries out too, our barn is still holding water and my cow wants away from the pigs LOL

  2. I am very happy you all are safe. I pray things all continue to settle.


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