Monday, October 7, 2013

It's Monday...

So my day just isn't starting out well at all. I thought one of my cats were hurt only to find out it was the TV, I know, I know, work started out a bust and sometimes I have to wonder why I do what I do, then I remember, and even though it doesn't make my job easy, I still love my job.

The bright side - we're about to get a heavy downpour, which is a PLUS since we haven't had rain in over 20 days and our spring is almost dry.  We've been conserving water every which way and I'll be glad to have it full again.

So here are some new pix I took of our lovely furry babes...




Penny & Maggie


Lepper (He's very photogenic)

Penny checkin' out Sadie

Vern & Casey Jones


Okay, feeling much better already just looking at my happy fur-babies!

Do your pets make you happy? Comment about your fur-babes too.

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