Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Book Review: Journey To Jazzland (Book Tour & Giveaway)

About The Author:

Born and raised in Fairhaven, Massachusetts and attended University of Lowell (now University of Massachusetts, Lowell). It was there that I learned to love jazz. I have been performing jazz and other kinds of music for over 20 years, throughout the New England area. I live in North Reading, Massachusetts with my husband Richard, and my son Charlie.

Genre: Children's Book
Publisher: Flying Turtle Publishing
Release Date: July 1, 2013

Book Description:

Join Windy Flute, Spitz Trumpet and their friends as they travel to a legendary place where music is joyous, creative and free.

Okay, can I just say this was such a cute book. The illustrations were amazing and the story was just fantastic.

You see, Windy Flute realizes that she can play other notes then just what the conductor tells her, and she finds these new notes enthralling. When the conductor asks her if she is in Jazzland, she sets out to find it. I loved the Journey To Jazzland, watching the different instruments they picked up along the way.

When they find their way to the bridge that will take them to Jazzland, something amazing happens and they realize that they can do anything.

Such a beautiful story that your kids are going to LOVE! Wait until  you see the vibrant colors and amazing illustrations too.


One day during an orchestra rehearsal, Windy Flute was playing a piece of music and her mind started to wander. Over and over, she had practiced this piece and played this piece. Feeling bored, she felt that she wanted to be a little different.
Then something special happened. She began to hear notes that weren’t on the page of sheet music on her stand! When she started playing what she heard, Windy realized these new notes made her feel better. The harmonies and the melodies were the same, but the music moved differently. Before she could figure things out, she was interrupted by a stern voice.
Excuse me, Ms. Flute, do you mind playing with the rest of us? Where do you think you are — Jazzland?” said Mr. Conductor, scowling down at her.
After the rehearsal, Mr. Conductor gave Windy a severe look and stomped off the stage.
Windy turned to her friends in the woodwind section. “What’s Jazzland?” she asked. She was still thinking about the good feelings she got from playing different notes.
It’s a myth,” said Mr. Bassoon.
That’s right,” said Mr. Oboe, “It’s a legend. It doesn’t really exist.”
I think it exists,” said Spitz Trumpet.


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