Thursday, October 24, 2013

If I Had To Choose...Guest Post & Giveaway - Feminine Transitions by Alyscia Cunningham

If I Had To Choose…
My favorite image

If I had to choose my favorite image it would be my first self-portrait titled “By Any Means”. I was inspired to shoot this image in 2004 after reading a short bio on Harriet Tubman.

Her strength and determination was always an inspiration to me since a little girl.
It’s been said that Tubman carried a pistol to threaten the slaves if they decided to turn back, telling them, "You'll be free or die."  I’m certainly sure she also carried it for protection in case they were threatened in any way.

If I survived being a “rebellious” slave, I would have done the same.

I cannot fathom what it must have been like to simply live during those times but I truly admire Tubman’s dedication.

During this particular point of my life, I was experiencing personal challenges. I was at a stressful period. Reading over Harriet’s story reminded me that my situation wasn’t as difficult as it could be. Additionally, it placed my focus on pushing through and doing whatever is necessary to move forward.


Alyscia Cunningham is a lifestyle photographer. Her main focus 

is human images and how it can be incorporated with light and 

shadow. She tends to use dramatic lighting in many of her 

images because it fosters greater interaction between you and 

the photographs, as you tend to analyze it a little more. 

Likewise, the use of close ups creates a sense of intimacy and 

usually draws a greater emotional reaction from you.

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"Life on the planet is born of woman"

Adrienne Rich

For women, aging brings with it an inner 

grace and beauty that is more than skin 

deep. From birth to old age, women 

transition through many physical, 

psychological, and emotional phases that 

are recorded on their faces.

Feminine Transitions: A Photographic 

Celebration of Natural Beauty is a 

refreshing and inspiring, full-color, hard 

cover, book of photography. Its pages 

present a series of portraits that reveal the

elegance and subtly honest beauty of 

female faces between the ages of 7 weeks and 103 years. 

Copies will be available and mailed in September 2013 (exact date TBA).

Never before has a book so vividly projected the images of women in all 

stages of life in a way that reveals who they really are as women.Feminine 

Transitions unmasks women and exquisitely demonstrates that young is 

beautiful, old is beautiful, and natural is beautiful.


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