Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Kitten Krazy!

Our newest babies just love to snuggle, even with Rancid :). I think they think I'm their Mommy, and I crack up every time our tabby gets in my face and meows real close until I kiss her cheeks. If I stop kissing, she stops meowing!

They all love to lay on my chest. Our gray ones don't care how they lay, they roll off and stay in whatever position they land, it's hilarious.

Peek-A-Boo: Listen Closely and You Will Hear A Kitten Squeaky Snore

They drive me crazy sometimes, but I'm glad we brought them home. They are so spoiled already and growing so fast. I'm going to hate it when they get big like Shitigan, who, btw, HATES the kittens haha. He's so mad we let them in our house, he stays outside until dark now, LOL.

Sadie can't stand them either and I think, she thinks, that they are always crawling around her, because she will wake out of a sound sleep and bark like something's getting her! She's going crazy, HA!

Jessie, well, their just another set of babies for her!

Dutch, today is the first day that he snuggled with them. He was sleeping on Dan's bed with one today, lol.

On another note, we noticed the pig we thought had blue eyes, now has one blue and one brown and is completely CRAZY!! Goats finally let me touch them, and literally pet them today *happydancing*

Hope you had a great Monday!

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