Sunday, May 5, 2013

Dang Pigs Anyways!

When Pigs Fly

I've seen it! I've really seen it!!

If you think pigs can't fly, guess again! I was feeding the other day, and it came time for the pigs. They got so anxious, one of our pigs FLEW through the stall boards and right into my ribs.


I never thought in a million years the dirty scoundrel! I just walked into his view and he nailed me. Mean bastard! I just couldn't believe it. 

My husband is the one that normally feeds and waters the pigs, giving them the attention they need and playing with them, but he was ill this day, so I was left to care for them and apparently, they didn't care for me doing it LOL.

I got him back in his pen though, got them watered and fed, and all was well.


From now on...I'm leaving that job to my husband! I'll stick with my cow, Maggie!

No matter what my chores are for the day, I will admit...I love farmlife! It's so much fun learning everything and the chickens are getting tamer too. The hens fight every now and again, which is hilarious, but all in all...


  1. Very fun post! Would make a nice story, city girl, farm life, or city boy and farm life? ,lol either way thanks for sharing!:O)

  2. I so want a hobby farm. :( I'll keep dreaming.


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