Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Soothing & Relaxing Way to Update Your Habits & Patterns..."Program Your Healthy Weight" is the latest CD - Session from Janet Montgomery and Jeff Gold.  

Relax with soothing guided imagery & beautiful music as we address the sources of your issues and update them with healthier responses.

Think of your brain as a computer,

There are habits, patterns and responses that can be re-programmed to help you achieve a healthy weight.  The more you listen to this session, the more your subconscious mind will intergrate new patterns and new behaviours.

- Healthier alternatives become more appealing...
- Enjoy feeling satisfied with smaller portions...
- Listen while you sleep......

We'd really appreciate your review, and we'd be happy to participate in a give-away!

(before and after pictures would be awesome!)

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My Review:

This CD is so relaxing and soothing and really helps you change your way of thinking. It talks about why you might be holding onto extra weight, and through soft music and visualization, it teaches you how to change it. I thought this was a great CD, and it feels like they really understand weight gain and want to help you lose it. I recommend this CD for all that need relaxation and want to lose weight.

Leave a comment on why you'd like to lose weight and enter to win a copy of this magnificent CD for yourself or a loved one. Winner will be announced Monday, Sept. 12th. 

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Good Luck!

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