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Book Review: Should You Marry Him? by Abby Rodman (Book Tour & Giveaway)

Abby Rodman, LICSW is a psychotherapist in private practice in the Boston area. She has counseled hundreds of individuals and couples with relationship issues. Abby has graduate degrees from both Harvard and Boston College and her work has been featured in the Boston Globe Magazine. She is a contributing relationship expert for Abby is absurdly proud of her three amazing, college-aged sons who grew up at warp speed. Her next book in the Little Books for Life’s Big Decisions series is about divorce and will be available in 2014. 

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I've learned- from years of personal and professional experience - that problems in a marriage don't start when the rings are exchanged - they've likely been there, in one form or another, from the start of the relationship. With a nearly fifty percent divorce rate in the US, it's time for a proactive approach to happy marriage instead of a reactive approach - trying to fix what's broken in a marriage - when it may already be too late. I'm on a mission to get folks to really consider what they're getting into before they make the most important decision of their lives!

Book Genre: Non-Fiction/Relationships
Publisher: Book Tango
Release Date: August 19, 2013

Book Description:

Ever wonder why nearly fifty percent of women marry the wrong guy and then divorce him? Or if your Mr. Right may be, well, your Mr. Maybe? A quick, feisty read,Should You Marry Him? A No-Nonsense, Therapist-Tested* Guide to Not Screwing Up the Biggest Decision of Your Life, gives you the skinny on the ten most common red flags women overlook before tying the knot. Informed by my work with hundreds of married and divorcing couples, Should You Marry Him? packs the perfectly blended punch of professional advice and straightforward girl-talk.

Unlike other self-help books of this genre, Should You Marry Him? A No-Nonsense, Therapist-Tested* Guide to Not Screwing Up the Biggest Decision of Your Life cuts through the characteristic psychobabble and gives you what you really need: practical advice you can act on. Few women have the time or inclination to slog through 300 pages or 1001 reasons. Should You Marry Him?is written for every busy woman who needs answers now.

Using real-life examples from my psychotherapy practice and personal insights from my own experience, Should You Marry Him?will resonate with every woman who has ever wondered just what makes successful marriages successful. Why do some women just seem to pick the perfect guy? It’s not complicated, yet so many get it wrong!
Whether you’re on the verge of marrying or if it’s just ultimately in your life’s grand plan, Should You Marry Him? will change the way you look at choosing your forever mate. Love is grand – and great sex is great – but they’re just not enough for the long haul. Don’t screw up the biggest decision of your life. Read Should You Marry Him? now or…forever hold your peace!

My Review:

Abby Rodman is my new hero!

What I loved about this book is that it is straight up, in your face, TRUTH! Ms. Rodman holds nothing back about love and if you are not sure if you should be marrying the person you love, then this book is for you. 

Have you ever been truly in love? Do you even know what it is? While I was reading Should You Marry Him?, the entire time I put myself on the line, testing my feelings as I read to see if I married the right man. Guess what? I DID! Yay for me!

You know, nobody wants to divorce, and I swore I would never get married unless I knew for sure. Love is hard, being married is harder, but when you got it, you got it. Cliché, I know, but if you're not sure if your man is the right one for you, then you need to grab this book and dig deeper into your feelings to know for sure. Ms. Rodman gives you raw truth and great food for thought.

This book is very well written with examples and true life experiences that you may relate to. I highly recommend this book for anyone that isn't sure what love is or if you are marrying the right person.

Kudos Ms. Rodman!

Excerpt One:

I do.
Very few words, if any, have the power to change your life as exponentially as those two.
Whether you’re already planning the wedding or just considering his proposal, know that you are in the process of making the most important decision of your life. Sound daunting? A little scary, even? Good. That means you’re truly considering what it will mean to be married to this man. You’re thinking about what’s at stake in choosing him, forsaking all others, to be your companion, mate and lover through your one, precious life.
You know those movies in which the hero wakes up one day and finds he’s the only man left on Earth? Then, miraculously, he finds the one woman left on the planet living in some bombed-out apartment building? And, lucky for him, through all the dirt and torn clothing he can see she’s the hottest chick ever? And initially they hate each other but realize they really love each other and decide to begin their task of rebuilding the human race?
Okay, maybe getting married isn’t that dramatic but it’s not far from it. Either you choose the right partner to help you successfully navigate this strange, new world called Marriage or you choose the wrong one and begin your descent into unhappy-marriage hell.
With your “I do”, you will mark the start of the rest of your life. Your new husband will be the last man you’ll ever have a first date with, the last man you ever french kiss, the last man you’ll ever share a bed with. This man will be the father of your children and that’s an irreversible choice. You’ll slog through the everyday routine that is life and, if you’re lucky, that life will also be peppered with joy and moments of passion that make you both sigh and remember the good old days of coat closet sex.
You will know this man, if all goes well, better than you have ever known another person. You will share his fears, his moments of glory and his bathroom. You’ll also become expert at reading his moods, accepting his limitations and soothing his demons. Yes, he has demons. We all do. And if you haven’t seen your man’s yet, you will. Make no mistake.
 No matter how you slice it, marriage is a gamble. Statistics vary but somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 to 50 percent of first marriages end in divorce. Let’s put it this way: Nearly half of you reading this book will get divorced. And if the numbers are that high for people who make the difficult decision to split, how many couples stay married and miserable? My clinical guesstimate is that you have about a 25 percent chance of ending up in happy marriage. Sweating, yet?  


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