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A Visit From Author Lakshmi Gosyne & Book Review of Waiting For Dad:A Kids Yoga Story (Giveaway)

I'm so excited to introduce you to children's book author, Lakshmi Gosyne. She wrote a book about kids yoga, and you can check out her post on why you should read these types of stories to your kids and then read my review. Welcome Lakshmi!
Why you should read Your Child Yoga Stories

Yoga brings to mind extremely flexible, thin supermodels that drink wheatgrass and believe in chem trails, I know, but yoga has some very practical benefits. Lately, the focus has been on bringing these benefits to kids around the world.

So what are these benefits you say? Here are 3 benefits of yoga for kids (and adults):
  1. Increases Focus: A child focusing on a task helps them get their homework done faster, answer test questions and concentrate on where the ball is during their baseball or soccer game.
  2. Increases Body and Mind Awareness: This gives children the skills to control their emotions so less outbursts in the playground and fewer tantrums for the parents, physical and spatial coordination (great for sports) and they also learn that the more effort they put into something the better they get at it
  3. Increases Attentive Listening Skills: This helps with listening to the teacher and instruction an important skill for achieving better grades. Listening skills also help with social interactions, and social skills, something invaluable when they start work, meet their life partner and have kids of their own.

There have been studies that have shown a regular yoga practice results in these benefits for both adults and children. But why yoga stories? Well, the truth is yoga for adults doesn’t work for children. Children are more flexible, but their attention spans are shorter. I would never recommend having a child just hold downward dog for 30 seconds. However if you add a story into the mix things change fast. I don’t mean that a yoga story will get your child to stay in downward dog for 75 minutes, but telling them a story will give them a reason to get into the pose in the first place.
The Power of Stories

Stories are amazing things. They use both sides of your brain. The left side is activated with language and sequences and the right brain is activated when things are creative with visualizing the story as it takes place.
Stories aren’t just for children even adults can let their imagination “sweep them off their feet” if the story is good enough.

In my many years of teaching, telling a story is a great way to start a discussion about a topic and many different discussions can start with just one good children’s book. Stories also help children remember concepts and ideas, deal with emotions, and become creative thinkers.
But why Yoga stories?

You add the power of stories to the power of yoga and boom! You get something amazing. After I read my book “Jungle Walk” with children, teachers have reported more calm, more playfulness and incorporating the poses into play in their classrooms.

You can find some amazing yoga stories for kids, videos or even get really creative and do actions to one of your child’s favorite picture books! It really will make you and your child feel good.

Lakshmi Gosyne is an author, illustrator, web designer and teacher. She worked as a preschool and primary school teacher for 16 years before writing two yoga story books: Jungle Walk: A Yoga Story for Kids and Waiting for Dad: A Yoga Story for Kids. You can find out more at

About The Author:

Lakshmi Gosyne is an author, illustrator and designer. She worked with John Wiley and Sons, Canada as a graphic designer before working full-time with children and getting her Master's Degree in Education.

Her 15 years of experience with children and teaching as well as her love for yoga converged into two Yoga for Kids books: A Jungle Walk and Waiting for Dad.

In fact, Jungle Walk was originally a yoga workshop for children in Child Care Centers.

Lakshmi is an avid traveler and has lived in Trinidad and Tobago, Toronto, Canada, New Zealand and Thailand. She currently lives in Koh Samui, Thailand with her husband Jonathan.

Genre: Children's Picture Book with Yoga Poses
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Release Date: December 12, 2012

Book Description:

Rob is the last child to be picked up by his father from school! He starts to imagine what his dad might be up to.
Maybe he’s in a jungle? With pirates? In outer space?
This book uses fun yoga routine that energizes your child. Imagining pirates, tigers and aliens can make things exciting for children especially when they can roar or call out “Ahoy matey!”

This book uses traditional yoga poses in a flowing and fun sequence. Children will increase their body awareness, strength and fitness and most of all, have fun.


If you're looking for a great way to connect with your kids then this is the book for you. It's full of imagination, awesome illustrations, and has a great storyline.

Waiting for his dad, who's running late, Rob imagines all kinds or reasons for his dad not being there on time. With each imagination story, Gosyne gives a Yoga pose that kids can do that goes with the story.

It's such a cute story that I am marking it a must-have for anyone with young kids. It will be a great way to get them moving while enjoying a story and you can do it with them.

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  1. Thanks for stopping into my corner of the world Lakshmi :)

  2. I think this book would be a great help at getting kids interested in yoga. It's good to start them young. My aunt did yoga and I remember doing it with her as a child in the summer when we were at her cabin. They are very fond memories!


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